Renovations & Refubishments

SFB undertakes anything from full gutting-out and refit of entire buildings, to straightforward redecoration of a single room. We can replace floorboards, skirting boards, doors and architraves (see the Other Services page), as well as supply and/or fit completely new kitchens and bathrooms.

You might choose to have renovation work done for any number of reasons:

  • to make you home more attractive and pleasant to live in.
  • to increase the value of your property for selling it on at some later point; some people prefer to buy a cut-price house and develop it for a profit themselves, rather buy an expensive property on which such renovation work may already have been done.
  • to rent out rooms or to let out the entire property.

One kind of renovation consists in creating open-plan living spaces, by removing walls and fitting wooden beams to make the arrangement structurally sound. Another kind consists in creating an en suite bathroom in a large bedroom, or turning such a bedroom into two smaller rooms; either way, an extra room is added to the house.

During a recent job, we changed a bathroom into a bedroom, then installed an en suite bathroom into each of two already-existing bedrooms, making them attractive rental propositions. The job came to £15,000, but the gain of a bedroom and two en suite bathrooms should add at least £30,000 to the value of the property.

Renovations and refurbishments count as minor work (i.e. there are no building regulations to contend with), though there is potential for some disruption, especially if every room in the house is being refurbished. In such a case we would be able to carry out work on one room at a time, if this was required to keep the home in order.